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Pieve di Soligo
The company was given its current name by its founder, Mr. Alfredo Battistella. The firm's history began in 1953. Technological innovations were added to the traditional furniture manufacturing know-how of industries on this territory to define the structure of this company.
In 1963, the Battistella brand was the first to launch a line of children's bedrooms in laminate on the Italian market. It also patented a curved, laminate-faced door. The positive feedbacks received allowed the company to continue its experiments and to start using PVC in its furniture.
In 1992 Battistella's management was handed down to the next generation, from the father Alfredo, to his son Mario who continued in his father's footsteps by leading his group towards the goals of the new millennium. Along this path, tradition was combined with new technologies, confirming a success formula that was perfect to face the most recent challenge met by Battistella, i.e. NIDI, a collection of children's bedrooms that combines play and design in the spaces dedicated to today's youngsters. An innovative approach that exploits all the experience and know-how of a long-standing brand such as Battistella.
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