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Diemme Industria Caffè Torrefatti S.p.A. is a well-established coffee roasting company based in Albignasego (Padua), Italy. Since its inception, the company has been characterized by a deep passion for the world of coffee as well as a marked attention towards research and innovation, both of which guide the development of the business. From 1927 to date, three generations of the Dubbini family have led the evolution of the company, spreading the pleasure and culture of good coffee to over 40 countries of the world.
The historical brand Caffè Diemme has accompanied Diemme Industria Caffè Torrefatti from its foundation and is still used today as the company continues to evolve. With Caffè Diemme began the entrepreneurial history of the Dubbini family, a history now three generations long. Over the years, the solidity of the family tradition and values have been complemented by an ability to generate innovative products and services that add value to the world of the coffee experience. Caffè Diemme caters to those professionals who seek a trustworthy, reputable partner with a primary role in the promotion of the culture of quality coffee. The advantages produced by the latest technologies employed coexist with the traditional soul of the company and the flexibility that characterizes its partnerships. Beside a healthy productive chain, Caffè Diemme offers the highest standard equipment and materials to support retail activities, as well as key consultancy, marketing and educational services, the latter being provided by the Diemme Academy - one of the most advanced learning and skill development institutions in Italy.
All of this is possible thanks to a well-established tradition and experience, tried and tested along the years with openness and a willingness to share knowledge and, of course, the primary value at the heart of the company: passion for coffee and innovation - this is what makes us so competitive.
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