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Everything about myself

Malìparmi is an Italian fashion brand born in 1977 on the initiative of Marol Paresi and her daughter Annalisa establishing itself into the world of the women fashion, initially with accessories later with footwear and eventually with a total look apparel completing the line and strengthening the Brand image.

"Sometimes we wonder if our customers, or even just the people who see our products in shop windows or magazines, realise the world that we have created behind the Malìparmi trademark.
A world created with few but essential elements: the story of a now consolidated firm, a team of enthusiastic women and concrete men, a correct balance between creativity and organisation.
Keeping tradition alive is our secret: looking ahead remembering the important lesson of the past, using new technologies to re-elaborate old craft secrets. To unite in harmony the unique and the industrial.
We are not interested in imposing a single idea of how to dress. We want to suggest, to give to the woman who buys our products the chance to identify with our choices. And to complete with her personality what we have suggested."
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