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21 Feb 14

202 entries




illy, Italian company specialized in the coffee production, is calling all creative talents of the world to join the “Extraordinary coffee moment” contest with the aim of creating a floor display that allows people to identify the illy product and convey the Brand values within the mass retailers.

Company description

illy is the famous Italian brand worldwide appreciated for the high quality and unique velvety taste of its coffee, the product of which it wants to be the only reference in the world in terms of culture and excellence. illy wants to create an experience of maximum enjoyment , providing the best-quality coffee nature can give us and the most advanced technologies allow to produce.

What we are looking for

illy wants to promote an off shelves initiative creating a floor display to place within the mass retailer areas with the aim of drawing the attention of new or loyal costumers, increasing the product sales and conveying the idea that illy wants to reserve a moment of well-deserved pleasure to its own customers.

What we need
The participants should concentrate on the study of a design for an illy-branded floor display that allows for exhibiting and giving maximum value to the product .
The installation shall display the 250g illy cans that will sell in combo with a biscuits pack, expressly researched for the initiative. Furthermore, the display shall be matched by a mountable booth to employ for possible tasting sessions .

In particular, for the correct development of the proposals, creatives are invited to consider the following guidelines.

Research an appealing display that may draw the customers attention and push to purchase. The installation should be conceived so as to allow illy to communicate the idea behind “Making The Ordinary Extraordinary, Beautifully” that the customers will fulfil when tasting the illy coffee. In fact, aware of the excellence of its own product, illy wants to be the only coffee elected by those customers who want to concede themselves a daily pleasure, or a pleasant moment to live and share in the weekends but also a well-deserved and satisfying breakfast.

Brand target
The end consumers of the illy coffee belong to the 30-55 years age-range and include coffee lovers and connoisseurs .

Display characteristics
Size : the suggested size for the display is 510mm (width) x 630mm (depth) x 1500mm (height). It shall host 48 packages measuring 250mm (width) x 100mm (depth) x 220mm (height). Each package shall host a 250g illy coffee can (overall weight of coffee + can equals 400g) and a 300g biscuits pack.
Consider the use of one or more shelves to distribute the weight of all packages over the whole structure.
Furthermore, the display shall also have some niches to host informative leaflets and/or some useful spaces for additional communication material of the product.
Production techniques : the display will be made in cardboard and sent to the point of sales already assembled. The display should be assembled by means of folding and/or joints (for cost reasons, avoid gluing techniques).
Note well : the display should be conceived so as to make the product easily reachable by the consumer; for this reason it is advisable to set the topmost shelf at a maximum height of 1200mm, and the lowest shelf at 300mm from the ground.
Besides, to better ease the reach of the product, include some empty space between the package and the upper shelf.
It is important that the design gives maximum light and visibility to the packages. The employment of lights is allowed but discouraged, for cost reasons.

Tasting booth characteristics
Size : once mounted, the booth should cover a maximum area measuring 900mm (width) x 500mm (depth) x 900mm (height) so as to host two capsule coffee machines with the following size: 260mm (width) x 290mm (depth) x 320mm (height). The booth shall have some niches for storing the coffee capsules and a space for inserting a small bin.
Production techniques : the booth will be made in cardboard and should be conceived so as to be easily assembled by the operator when required.
Note well : the booth design should be conceived in harmony with the style employed in the floor display and allow the operator to easily carry out all the needed activities.


Since we are an international Community, all texts provided with your uploads (abstract, description, tags, etc.) should be written in English.

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