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18 Oct 13

144 entries




A new furniture concept has just been born: join the evolution designing the original and eclectic family of seats by effettievoluti.

Company description

Effettievoluti is a young, internationally-oriented company from Padua (Italy), for which quality design, stylistic research and technological innovation are applied to everything they do. The first project developed is “Donna”, a multifunction armchair inspired by the sinuous shapes of a woman that combines lightness, versatility, comfort, outstanding attention for finishes and for the materials selection.

What we are looking for

Contest theme is the development of the second project, based on a peculiar structure made up of steel frame and patented hinges, that allows the creation of dynamic objects characterized by flexible shapes. Keeping in mind the company philosophy and introducing at the same time elements of novelty and break with the past, Desall community is invited to bring out the potentialities of this structure, integrating it within a new collection of seats.

In particular, we suggest participants to take into account the following guidelines for the research and design phases:

- Work on the shape . Imagine a family of seats that includes armchair, sofa and pouf or coffee table. This collection has to express lightness and to be characterized by a unique and essential style;
- Flexibility . Think to a flexible solution that could be adapted to different needs and spaces;
- Research of materials . Study an upholstery with removable lining and feasible both with the materials currently used by effettievoluti or other textiles you consider particularly suitable;
- Contexts of use . The collection thanks to its versatility can be included in different contexts. In particular, you may focus on a product for indoor use that can be easily modified and moved outdoor too;
- Complementary elements . Why limiting yourself to just one product? Play with the entire “family” and design a collection that present the same style and potentialities;
- Restrictions . Pay attention to the possible movements of the concept illustrate in the material files.

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Revision 1 06 Aug, 13

In order to make things clearer, we have just updated the material files with extra information and guidelines about the structure and the hinges to be used. Please, download the new version.


Since we are an international Community, all texts provided with your uploads (abstract, description, tags, etc.) should be written in English.

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