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Chemistry and labs are the main combination for medicines.
Chemistry is all about equations, atoms, carbon, protons, and electrons… addition to labs.
So carbons gave me the inspiration of hexagon shapes, while the atom (electrons) after some rotation it give the shape of a capsule, and some medicine pills are in a capsule shape in addition to that in chemistry labs, there is many shape of tubes used some are in a shape of capsule.
While entering my pharmacy it’s not only about buying a medicine, it’s a future pharmacy, where you can easily know any information about the medicine, ingredients, side effects, benefits…..all of that is easy while using the screens, the pharmacy is rich in screens while moving through the shelves, or even while waiting bench.
I added a garden and playing area for children.
In the garden i opened it with the entrance through the pharmacy in order to show the greenery. I added tables to plant in.
While the playground was more like earing while having fun I tried to add some parts of hexagons, that can be easily rotated where children can rotate the first side of the hexagon with the fruit’s figure on in order to know the importance and the vitamins, and minerals that each fruit or vegetable contains.
Knowledge was not only for children while moving through the shelves where the nutritionist bar that you can sit and take information about the healthy meal….. and through the shelves there is some shelves that have the same shape of hexagon and you turn a mineral or vitamin and to know each medicine what does it contain.

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