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09 Apr 13

416 entries



One or more royalties contract will be awarded.


Re-Craft Design in collaboration with Vetrerie Dal Pian presents Glass House Collection '13, a craft design contest. The aim is to design a furnishings or an interior design product using flat glass and its several processing techniques.

Company description

Vetrerie Dal Pian is a Venetian artisan enterprise, leader in the flat glass working, that has established itself thanks to several prestigious partnerships with national and international brands in the furniture and lighting industries.

Vetrerie Dal Pian, almost 50 years after its establishment, has decided to face a new challenge: creating its own collection of furniture and interior design products. Glass House Collection '13 calls on participants to represent the company identity through this collection, designing unique creations that combine tradition, excellence and innovation.

What we are looking for

Participants are invited to design a piece of furniture or an interior design product using flat glass as the main production material. The object submitted will have to be consistent with the following guidelines in order to be selected by the client and be part of his five-piece collection:

1. It must be to manufacture it through one or more processing techniques in which Vetrerie Dal Pian is specialized:
- Straight and shaped cuts (traditional or water-jet cutting);
- Polished edgework options: flat, round, clean cut, miter (cut to an angle of 45°) and shaped;
- Drilling circular holes or more complex shapes, such as ellipses, squares, etc.;
- Glass tempering and HST treatment to prevent spontaneous breakage of fully tempered glass;
- Silkscreen printing on flat glass*;
- Application of ecological varnishes*;
- Application of vitreous enamels;
- Bonding two or more layers of clear or varnished glass together. Other materials, such as metallic meshes, can be inserted between the glass layers*;
- Pasting “glass on glass” or glass with metal finishings;
- Assembling mirrors or glasses with other materials;
2. Participants can use flat glass alone or combined with different materials, either natural (wood, stone, iron, paper, cardboard, etc) or artificial (e.g. plastic);
3. Thickness of a single sheet of glass: 3 – 19 mm;
4. Participants can submit either innovative interpretation of traditional pieces of furniture / interior design products or unpublished concepts related to the contest theme.
5. The project must be feasible, reproducible in a limited series and potentially marketable;
6. The main theme is flat glass and its processing techniques: its technical properties and potentialities should be expressed and highlighted;
7. It will be positively evaluated every project that will mirror Vetrerie Dal Pian’s values: elegance, essentiality and distinctiveness;
8. The target customer has a medium to high spending power, refined taste and he loves to surround himself with design products that mirror his personality. He values handicrafts, excellence and limited series.
9. The project presentation has to include project name, technical drawings and renders. It will be very appreciated if the presentation is completed by a short description of the creative process which lead to the final object. It will be used to create a short story about each piece of the collection.

Eligibility and submission
Participation is free of charge and is open to designers and creative talents of any nationality and age.

Selection criteria
The selection of the winner by Vetrerie Dal Pian will be the result of an unquestionable evaluation and it will take into account originality, innovation, feasibility, presentation and consistency with the brief. If necessary, the client reserves himself to require additional material to some participants before proceeding with the final selection.

Award and royalties
1st : € 1000,00 + royalties
2nd : € 500,00 + royalties
3rd : royalties
4th : royalties
5th : royalties
Royalties will be assigned to the designers of the selected projects in case of production and commercialization of the five-piece collection.


Since we are an international Community, all texts provided with your uploads (abstract, description, tags, etc.) should be written in English.

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Client required files

Technical drawing: PDF 

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