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30 Oct 13



Desall in collaboration with FACE launches a contest aimed at developing the graphic interface for the new electronic function selector that controls automated pedestrian doors. The participants are invited to think about user-friendly icons that should efficaciously convey all the functions of the selector’s touch keys.

Company description

FACE S.p.A. has been involved in designing, producing and selling residential, civil and industrial automations for 40 years. They aim at becoming the company that will
be identified as the leader of advanced technological solutions, devoted only to automation for pedestrian doors.

What we are looking for

Now FACE relies on the creativity and capability of the Desall community for designing the graphic interface of the electronic function selector for automated sliding pedestrian doors, used – for example – in supermarkets, airports and shops.
The function selector shall provide some keys and a suitable light feedback, in order to choose the desired operation mode of the door and show the currently selected operation mode. The main keys will control the main operation modes of an automated sliding pedestrian door, while the secondary touch keys will serve as state keys.
Considering the guidelines below, creatives are all invited to think about:
- the graphics of the icons that symbolize the function of each touch key;
- the positioning of touch keys on the interface;
- the layout of the controller.

What we need
For the correct development of the graphic interface, please take into consideration the following indications:

Functioning: the interface will employ a serigraphed panel with black background and white backlighting for the touch keys and symbols. Due to the serigraphy process, the icons will be static, not animated and hover/pressed graphics are not allowed – the states will be signalled by the luminosity %. In particular, backlighting is activated when the finger is close enough to the panel, which triggers the key perimeter and the symbol – representing the function of the key – to light up. After some delay, the panel will turn off and only the logo will remain visible. When the panel is active, all the icons will have 50 % luminosity while the active function will have 100 % luminosity.

The idea is to employ three “main” touch keys, related to the three main operation modes of an automated sliding door:
- Door open – the door is set to open and remains open;
- Door closed – the door is set to close and remains closed, regardless of the
motion sensors input.
- Door automatic – the door opens when sensors detect a person approaching,
and closes after a delay.
- Two additional smaller “secondary” touch keys will modify the functionality of the
automatic key, with regards to:
1. whether the door opens from one or both sides – according to the sensors;
2. whether it operates a “complete opening” or a “partial opening”.

A couple of diagnostic symbols, smaller in size than the main keys, shall be backlighted in some conditions (these are not touch keys):
- battery symbol – off when the power mains is present, on when the power mains is absent, flashing in some failure conditions;
- key symbol – off when the touch keys are operating, on when the touch keys are disabled.

Text should not be employed for explaining the function of the icons.

Logo: the manufacturer’s logotype is meant to receive maximum visibility and will remain backlighted also when the panel is off. The logotype should not be modified;

Materials: the controller will employ plastic enclosure and glass or polycarbonate front panel;

Dimensions: orientation might either be vertical or horizontal, according to the designers’ need. For detailed info about the controller size and distances between elements on the interface, please see the material file attached.

Employment: The function selector shall be used by people in a commercial, industrial or domestic environment, without specific training. For this reason, the graphic interface should be easy to use and understand.

Revision 1 30 Aug, 13

The brief has been updated with some more details in the "functioning" section to better help you develop the best proposal.


Since we are an international Community, all texts provided with your uploads (abstract, description, tags, etc.) should be written in English.

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