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28 Mar 14

182 entries




The global house-store is the interior design contest sponsored by the Italian fashion brand Malìparmi. The company is looking for original concepts and innovative ideas to be wisely implemented in the monobrand stores that will soon be opened by which the Brand wants to be established at an international level. The store should stem from the house concept to be transferred into a shop, combining craftsmanship and technology to better express the world conveyed by the Malìparmi brand.

Company description

Malìparmi was born in 1977 on the initiative of Marol Paresi and her daughter Annalisa establishing itself into the world of the women fashion, initially with accessories later with footwear and eventually with a total look apparel completing the line and strengthening the Brand image. Malìparmi stands out for its ground Brand values that inspire the style offered to its women customers. Particularly, the Brand values are:
• Style and creativity
• Colour
• Craftsman techniques and skills
• Distinctiveness and attention to the detail
• Synergy with the design and art worlds

What we are looking for

Malìparmi has undertaken an important plan of international development investing in the opening of monobrand stores that may increase the Brand visibility and identity at an international level. For this reason, through the The global house-store contest, Malìparmi is inviting creatives from all over the world to develop the design plan for its stores, guided by the Brand values and giving major importance to the internationalization.

What we need
Malìparmi is asking creatives to:
• Identify the concept for the Brand stores to apply worldwide;
• Attach a detailed render to present the designed space;
• Research and thoroughly describe the materials to employ;
• Give details of the elements employed in the project.

Concept : the Malìparmi store should recreate the cosy atmosphere found at home , while keeping a modern and contemporary appeal. In line with the Brand nature, it is important to play with combinations of elements that recall craftsmanship and technology , convey the reuse and recycle concepts, giving great attention to the detail. The store should intrigue and move people from the outside as to invite the customer to come in and see what’s inside.
The ambition of the new concept is to be strongly innovative, able to revolutionise the classical store format to become something different where showing and selling the collection.

Layout : lightweight structures should be employed to give prominence to the products and be easily moved in order to give the store and display window a dynamic layout that may be adapted to the various needs, such as hosting cultural events along with the sell of Malìparmi products.

New shopping experience : the interactions between customers and store should be reinvented – think of new ways to live the store, for example by means of technological devices (such as magic/digital mirrors, virtual fitting rooms or tablets) or other tools/expedients, as to improve and give added value to the whole shopping experience.

Size : the store should be developed with the same-sized area as the one reported in the floor plan attached, include an entrance and at least one display window.
It is fundamental that the store is designed to give maximum prominence to the accessories , being the most successful Malìparmi products, such as bags, footwear (from sandals to boots), bijoux, scarves and belts.

Please see the material files attached for spaces description, store plans and illustrative pictures .

Eligibility and submission
Participation is free of charge and is open to designers and creative talents of any nationality and age. Participants can choose to present one or more projects, but only projects published on the web site via the upload page devoted to “The global house-store” will be accepted. For more info see the Contest Agreement

Revision 1 13 Jan, 14

Deadline extension and suggestions: Given the great request of the public, we are glad to inform you that Malìparmi has decided to extend the deadline for submissions till 26th February 2014 giving you all more time to develop your projects. Furthermore, the Client has also suggested to focus on the two big ground floor rooms and on the fitting-rooms (mezzanine floor).


Since we are an international Community, all texts provided with your uploads (abstract, description, tags, etc.) should be written in English.

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