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Everything about myself

“Simple but conscious design.” is the mantra of the multidisciplinary designer. Dezigner, a Registered Architect and Chartered Architect, had his training in the field of product design in the UK, before he received his 1st Class Honor in Bachelor and followed by Master in Architecture in HK. He was nominated as one of the two first exchange students in MIT, US. He also completed his study for Diploma in Brand Management in 2013.

He was privileged with gamut regional and international design awards recently in the fields of graphic, product and spatial design; London International Creative Competition, International Design Award and Revit Cup are just a few. He is one of the organizing committee of the “10 Most liked HK Architecture”, Editor of HKIA Journal and other committee member of the professional Institute. His work was exhibited in “REVEAL” in 2013.

Dezigner loves design. Always interested in design as a total concept and rethinking daily space & objects via bold assumptions; he believes that there is no boundary in design fields and it should be a matrix of manifesto. With simple solutions as artifacts of cognizance, he trusts, would make a different tomorrow.
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